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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cooking tips

Today I got an email that I want to share with you. The title read: "A few more cooking tips".
Here they come:

Adding garlic
If a recipe calls for adding vegetables to a pan with hot oil, make sure to add the garlic last. This way the flavor of the garlic will be preserved and it won't turn bitter.

Chopping parsley

This works for parsley as well as any leafed herb. Divide unchopped parsley into portions and put them into small plastic bags. Inflate the bags a bit and tie a knot. Then freeze.
When you want to use it, just take out one of the bags and punch a hole. Now roll the parsley between your fingers and sprinkle on your food. The parsley will crumble and you don't need to chop it!

Oven baked potatoes

This tip is great if you're not a fan of microwaves, like me.
Put potato chunks in a big bowl and add boiling water. Cover the bowl with a plate and 'cook' the potatoes for 10-15 minutes. Then pop them into the oven. This shortens the baking time tremendously!

By Michaela Kobyakov
Apple sauce

Replace oil in a cake recipe with apple sauce, same amounts. This greatly reduces the calories without reducing flavor.

Mashed potatoes
For light, airy mashed potatoes add baking powder to the cooking water. One teaspoon for every kg potatoes. This doesn't affect the flavor, but it 'blows up' the potatoes which makes for airy mash.

Clear soup

To get rid of all kinds of small floating things in clear soup, add raw egg white to boiling soup. The egg white sets and attracts and absorbs all small floating parts. Then it's easy to scoop up and voila, clear soup.

Whipping cream

When you want to add sugar to whipping cream, make sure to add it only at the end, after the cream has formed. This way, the cream will rise even more.

Do you have any good tips to share?

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